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Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines is the leading Belgian airline that offers the widest choice of flights to and from its base in Brussels Airport. Brussels Airlines is owned by SN Airholding and is backed up by more than 80 years of aviation experience in Belgium . Values such as flexibility, punctuality, reliability, excellent service, a multi-lingual ...
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Assistant Duty Manager - Zaventem

Job ID: 51642
Job Views: 1589
Location: Vlaams-Brabant
Sector: Airlines
Contract: Fixed: full-time
Posted: 08.13.2019

Job Description

The function of Assistant Duty Manager is two-fold, one part is linked to the passenger coordination cell in which the supervisor functions as a team member and as such is directly involved and gives recommendations in the ops decision making process related to the passenger aspect. He/she will assess and decide about cost-beneficial solutions within the operational & commercial framework achieving a win-win situation for all parties involved. They will assist the Duty Manager in analysing, deciding and executing the process of actions to be taken throughout all the departments involved (internal and external) and assure correct and complete irregularity handling.

The second aspect is the on-the-field job in which the supervisor functions as airport coordinator, supervising and coordinating the operations at the airport. He/she acts as representative of the airline towards the passengers. Thus taking commercial and operational decisions in an independent way. In this capacity he/she intervenes in conflict situations.

Daily follow-up of in- & outbound flights -schedules, catering, aircraft seating versions, passenger numbers which results in optimized rotations both on an operational as on a cost/revenue basis. They will instruct all staff accordingly and function as the communication center and assure follow-up of the correct implementation. The Assistant Duty Manager will decide on any solutions needed to assure punctuality and cost effectiveness in close cooperation with the Duty Manager.
Irregularity handling: rebooking & rerouting of passengers both BRU & outstations. They will evaluate, decide and execute all necessary steps to be taken, both with BRU and outstations. At the same time the Assistant Duty Manager acts as s.p.o.c (single point of contact) for the different operational & commercial reporting lines to assure complete and accurate communication to all involved. He/She will decide on passengers solutions of commercial or operational decisions, they will contact , inform and take care of the passengers affected. Updating of the different operational systems with information linked to the aircraft rotations to assure all suppliers & handlers have the latest information allowing punctual and correct departures & arrivals.
In case of lost connection he/she is responsible for re-accommodation of the passengers.
Communication with aircraft ready to land, through VHF or ACARS, informing crew about parking positions, next flights, special cases and transfer passengers on board into BRU as to assure smooth turnarounds within the minimum ground times assuring swift and efficient flows. He/she provides transfer information for passengers in order to facilitate necessary transfers on ground.
The Assistant Duty Manager sets priorities on all incoming messages. He/she functions as a helpdesk, informing, instructing and advising all Outstations on the different operational & commercial procedures to follow. They will decide on ad-hoc solutions in line with commercial and operational guidelines to assure all outstations compliance and execution with any instruction given by the passenger-coordinator cell.
The Assistant Duty Manager reports on a daily basis on all operational and commercial issues to all departments. He/she also provides detailed info concerning specific delays ; this is used as feedback to higher management. He/she will also be responsible for the day to day delay setting.
On the field the he/she is responsible for the supervision and organization of the operations flow at the airport. He/she will collaborate with different parties (ATO, OCC, other airlines) to optimize efficient and correct exchange of information. He/she resolves independently problems and conflict situations. He/she can waive penalties and gives compensations in order to preserve 100% customer satisfaction.

Job Requirements

  • High school diploma or equivalent through experience
  • Minimum 2 years experience with passengers in the aviation business
  • Passenger dedication
  • Great people skills
  • Strong organizer
  • Open friendly manner
  • Fluent English/French/Dutch
  • Problem solver
  • Stress resistant
  • Profound & in-depth knowledge of DCS & reservation systems
  • Profound & in-depth knowledge of IATA tarification & -ticketing
  • Profound knowledge and working experience of handling processes(check-in, baggage, cleaning ...)
  • Profound and in-depth knowledge of working procedures at airport
  • Knowledge of the international radio jargon
  • Profound knowledge of all reglementations and procedures.
  • Willing to learn revenue management tools
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