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TUI fly

Choosing a job with TUI is choosing to work every day at the “best time of the year”. Did you know that TUI Travel Belgium is the biggest leisure travel group in Belgium? It is a young and highly stable company based on four keystones: Jetair the tour-operator, the Jetaircenter agencies, the Jetairfly airline and the Tec4Jets ...
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Future Pilot Trainees for the TUI fly MPL Flight College

Job ID: 50776
Job Views: 2766
Location: Vlaams-Brabant
Sector: Airlines
Contract: Fixed: full-time
Posted: 03.27.2017

Job Description

Always wanted to become a pilot? The TUI Fly MPL Flight College makes pilot training accessible to anyone with the required motivation, skills and talent!

TUI fly is a unique airline to work for:
- 2nd largest Belgian airline
- Operations to destinations all over the world
- Latest technology aircraft
- Unique opportunities such as Mixed Fleet Flying (e.g. B737/B787 on medium and long haul)

The program:
Covers all aspects of theoretical and practical training:
- Class room and e-learning for ATPL and type rating
- PPL (full course)
- Simulator (multi pilot license and type rating) on B737 (Max and/or NG), including Touch & Go
- Line training on B737Max and NG up to proficiency
- Type rating B737 is included in the training program
- Duration: 3 years, 3 months
- Combined with a ground office function at TUI fly (4 days out of 5) during the training
- Guaranteed employment as pilot after completion: 3 contracts of minimum 8 months in a timeframe of 36 months thereafter possibility to apply for full time contract in function of our pilot need.

Costs & benefits:
- State of the art training program which allows us to reduce the cost significantly
- €30.000 paid over 3 years (3x €10.000)
- Work in a dynamic airline environment during the training. This allows us to pay you more than the program will cost to you (you are paid during training)
- > €50.000 salary paid over 3 years

Job Requirements

Ready to realize your dream? Complete the checklist before take-off!
- the commitment to study and work very hard
- ability to form an excellent team with other people, good communicator skills
- positive attitude as a trainee, an employee and a pilot
- Min. age 18 years, max. age 27 at start of training
- Eyesight better than -4/+3, no colour blindness
- Secondary school diploma
- Language (basic knowledge): English - Dutch – French
- Obtain a Medical Class 1 licence within 6 weeks of selection
- Pass a psychological evaluation (in accordance with EASA and company requirements)